TEDx Fan


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I was thrilled to see TEDx (TED to the power of x) coming to my town in 2015.  An eager audience member, hot on the heels of an amazing day, I wrote to the organisers and said ‘please count me in!’

Two years on and having been their lead speaker coach during that time, and put all sorts of hats on alongside an amazing committee of volunteers who all wear a lot of hats and have put on four fantastic events, I am excited and proud to be chairing the committee this year, and curating our 2018 event alongside our new license holder Mike Marshall.

Our mission to showcase our town to the world, and bring the world to our town, is one I’m thrilled to be a part of.

We have had 59 speakers, talking about things as diverse as gambling addiction, home kidney dialysis, creating music for natural history programmes, a more compassionate kind of politics, using arts and crafts to draw attention to important social issues, learning to improvise jazz and getting creative with your inner critic.

We’re very excited for our youngest speaker, Ed, who was ten when he gave his talk and has recently passed 1 million views. And with total views of all our talks at 1,729844 there are more hot on his heels.

We are all so proud of our speakers and our events, and I look forward to sharing the process of putting on a TEDx event with you here, and to sharing our talks. The only problem with that though, is that I feel I couldn’t possibly, and shouldn’t, choose favourites!!! I want to share them, though. So, given that I can’t put them all on here at the same time, and in the sprit of starting somewhere, here’s the inspirational Simon Harmer talking about living his life as a thank you. What an incredible and hilarious person he is – I enjoyed meeting him immensely and highly recommend his twitter feed too @shortersi. I’m interested in positive psychology and the impact of gratitude. Simon’s talk is a courageous, hilarious and humbling masterclass in the power of thanks.

p.s. An extra treat – our cartoonist, Simon Pearsall, who draws his way quite brilliantly through our events, drew these for Simon’s talk. I find it incredible that he thinks of these things - hearing it all for the first time at the same time as us in the audience - and produces a whole wall of cartoons throughout the day. He is so sharp, so funny, and so thought provoking himself. He’s a huge asset to our events.