What clients say about working with me:

"I look back on where I was, and where I am now and feel like I’ve been given an unexpected and amazing gift: the tools to identify a choice about how I respond to working relationships and business challenges. The clarity I now feel able to bring to bear on what I want out of a situation, both in a business sense and in a human sense, has been an amazing result of the coaching process for me, and a deeply rewarding and satisfying one. 

I came to realise that hoping or expecting others to change was not the key. The key was choosing to change how I dealt with others. I learnt that it was OK to be honest (in a clear and dispassionate way; with empathy; with genuine curiosity); that hard conversations don’t have to feel dangerous or dreadful; that my career can move forward. It has been an absolutely brilliant experience and one that I am very grateful for."

Publishing Director at a Global Publisher

"A weight lifted from my shoulders after every session. She helped me to clarify the business problems I was facing, both real and perceived…and I left every session with a solution, a clarity that I have never had in business before. All of a sudden in my day to day business life, when encountering a problem, I could use a whole tool kit of skills that Lizzie had shown me to solve problems on my own. I created my own coaching voice for myself, that enabled me to stop problems in their tracks and gave me the ability to have a broader overview. Spending time on my business with Lizzie was amazing and life transforming. Plus she is super lovely on a personal level, the icing on the cake!"

CEO of a growing retail business

"Lizzie has had a significant impact as a coach on my performance as. Headteacher. She really is outstanding. By focussing calmly on the key fundamentals of leadership that matter in my organisation she has helped me to steer my organisation to unparalleled measures of success. For me building ownership and being values and outcome focussed has been key. I would not have understood that without Lizzie."


"We're in a really great place. You really helped us get to the heart of our challenges and gave us a tangible way to overcome them. 

It's energised the senior team and, in turn, the next generation as we start to empower them and delegate new responsibilities which they are all welcoming with open arms."

- CEO of Digital Media Services UK Ltd

"Lizzie is brilliant!"

-Marketing Director


What my colleagues say about working with me:

"I love working with Lizzie, there is an integrity and grace to how she plans, delivers and follows up that holds the client and their needs at the heart of everything she does.  I know that a programme designed and delivered with Lizzie as a partner is going to be more cohesive and have much greater impact than without her.

She is thoughtful, respectful and challenging. She has an intuitive and deep understanding of human nature and her insights stay with me. 

I will work with Lizzie until I retire from this wonderful profession."

Founder and Director of Randolph Partnership

"Lizzie is passionately driven by supporting people to learn about themselves and others, and everything she does, whether through coaching or group facilitation, is about ensuring that her clients progress. 

An expert at creating the safe conditions for learning, Lizzie enables her clients to take courageous steps outside of their comfort zones to discover new resources and solutions to the challenges they face. She does not judge and is steadfast in her ethical contract with her clients. Always warm, welcoming and humorous, Lizzie has a down to earth approach which makes her highly engaging and accessible to a wide range of people. What’s more, her steely determination to keep the end game in mind and the clients goal at the centre of her work means that the results she generates are both dramatic and durable"

Founder and Director of Requisite Logic