Hallmarks of my coaching:

Watertight confidentiality.

Questions that challenge you to shift your focus and perceptions of yourself and others.

Absolute trust that you know best for you. Full responsibility for what you think, say and do staying with you.

Working together to fully understand all the options and opportunities available so that you can choose.

Clear next steps to try, and a process for reviewing them.

Sharp observations and useful connections.

A sense of humour!

In the words of Ian Day and John Blakey, "a loving boot!"


I bring this coaching approach to my facilitation, working with senior leadership teams who want to work on:

Greater alignment.
Clarity on values and purpose and how you lead those.
Defining specific future measures of success and achieving them.
Agreeing the most useful behaviours you choose to use with each other and with teams.
Ensuring that everyone you oversee is functioning at a level in keeping with their role.
In other words, delegating appropriately and effectively.

Better time and energy management